Kirsten Stromberg (b. San Francisco, CA USA.) is an artist and educator who currently lives and works in Florence, Italy. With a background in both electro-acoustic music and art, she frequently uses a combination of found materials, painting and sound, interested in the art historical and philosophical lineages where both the material and the immaterial meet in social comment. 

Areas of research include: art education and aesthetic engagement as potential for individual and social transformation, pain and recovery in the world body, feminist inquiry and contemporary art.  Currently she is working with the interval as a gesture of both a resonance between things and a moment when something is interrupted, disrupting a passive consumption of a dominant narrative. For many years she has also been investigating philosophies of emptiness and what Francois Jullien calls ‘The Bland Sign’, as not only an alternative and refusal to the advancing commodification of human experience, but as an entangled part of resonating life.

Sensing Forms: December 2017 
(Mass Deaths)
Oil paint on found images