Selected Sound Sculptures/Sound Installations



The Dyad Project. Volumes XI and XII

Encyclopedia and electronics. Piezo mic.


The Stringalope

Found violin, roots and contact mic.


Double Diamond Hitch.  

Found bridles, yokes, horse hair,  and chimes.


Feeling Good Was Good Enough For Me



This sound piece (to be played as a continuous loop in an empty room) is an attempt to understand the complex repercussions of what has happened to the late 60's movement in California.  Working with Janis Joplin's famous rendition of Kris Kristofferson's song 'Me and Bobby McGee', it reconnects as well as reveals the tragedy and individualism that has overrun the hopes and aspirations of the 60's.  What was once revolutionary, now has become consumed by 'feeling good'.


listen here.