b. San Francisco, Ca

Lives and works in Florence, Italy.


+39  392.126.5411

Kirsten Stromberg graduated a Senior Fellow from Dartmouth College in electro-acoustic music and studio art concentrating in sound sculpture, sound installation and painting. In 2005 she completed her MFA in Arts and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University with her thesis exploring the intersections of post-structural feminism and buddhist concepts of non duality in contemporary art practice. She has lectured and taught at several universities and art institutes throughout Italy including Washington University in St Louis-Florence Campus and Florence University in the Arts.  Currently she teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced Painting at Syracuse University in Florence and is Supervisor for The Studio Art Department in charge of exhibitions and the SUF visiting artist lecture series. She has also studied for over 20 years with the artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (also known as ‘rosenclaire’) attending numerous workshops and residencies with them in both Italy and South Africa.  Her work has been shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Florence, London, Copenhagen and Berlin.


2001 - 2005        MFA. John F. Kennedy University.
                          Arts and Consciousness Studies.  Berkeley, CA.

1990 - 1995        BA,  Dartmouth College.
                          Senior Fellow. Studio Art and Electro-acoustic Music. Hanover, NH.

1992 - today       Rose Shakinovskly and Claire Gavronsky (rosenclaire). Italy+South Africa.

    Long term mentorship attending several workshops, residencies and teacher     training courses.


1992                   Lorenzo de’Medici Institute of Art.
                          Study Abroad Art Program, Florence, Italy.


2015 - 2017       Supervisor  Studio Art Program. Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.

2012 - 2015       Coordinator. Studio Art Department. Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.

2007 - Today      Lecturer. Syracuse University in Florence.  Florence, Italy.
                         Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Painting. 

2006- 2007        Lecturer.  Washington University.  Florence, Italy.
                         Critical Theory Seminar: “Florence: Heritage, Site and Significance”.


2016'Interval'. 914Works Gallery. Syracuse, N.Y. USA

2008        'No Rising Nor Falling'. Micro Gallery, Firenze, Italia.

2005        'Negotiating Desire'. Haley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA. USA
2004        'Negotiating Desire'. JFKU Gallery, Berkeley, CA. USA
1997        'Passions of The Viscera'. Fort Mason Firehouse, San Francisco, CA. USA  
1995        'Double Diamond Hitch'. Jaffe-Friede Gallery, Dartmouth College, NH. 


2017'Moments Musicaux'.  Prima Materia. San Quirico, FI Italia.

2015        Dartmouth Alumni Biennal Exhibition, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. USA.
2012        Fabrica Europa: 'Post-Eletronica', Stazione Leopalda, Firenze, Italia.

2011        'Faculty Exhibition', SUF Galleria, Firenze Italia.

2009        'Drawing The Other'. SUF Galleria, Firenze, Italia

2008        'SWAP'.  Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA. USA

2005        'War Games'.  Traveling Exhibition in a Suitcase.  London, UK.
2005        'Home'.  Gallerie Krebsen.  Copenhagen, Denmark.
2004        'T.A.W. Drawing Show'.  Temescal Amity Works.  Oakland, CA. USA.
2003        'Video Non-stop'.  En Plein Air.  Torino, Italy.
2003        'Translatability'. Berliner Kunstprojekt. Berlin, Germany.
2003        'Translatability'. 473 and 450 Broadway. NYC, NY. USA.
2003        'Ruotati'. Palazzo Strozzi Limonaia.  Florence, Italy. 
2002        'Small Art Works'.  Small Art Works.  Florence, Italy. 
2002        'Videoworks'. 21 Grand. Oakland, CA. USA
2001        'emergeNcY'. Crane Street Studios, NYC, NY.  USA
2000        'In Loco'.  Chiesa del Carmine, Florence, Italy.
1999        'Il Cubo'. Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence, Italy.
1996        'The Dyad Project'. L.A.C.E., Los Angeles, CA. USA
1996        'The Dyad Project'.Huntington Beach Center for The Arts.Huntington Beach, CA. 
1996        'The Listening Room'. SF Arts Commission, San Francisco, CA. USA
1996        'SoundCulture 96'. Works/San José, San José, CA. USA
1996        'Young American Artists'. Kerygma Gallery, Ridgeway, NJ. USA

1995        The Sudler Award: Highest achievement in The Arts at Dartmouth
1995        Heiman/Rosenthal Award: Most dedication and contribution to The Art

1995        Honorary Citation in Senior Fellowship 
1995        Dartmouth Purchase Prize Award  
1994        Women of Dartmouth Award

2017        SUA Global Innovation Fund

2009        SUF Conference Grant

1995        Dartmouth Senior Fellowship
1990        Tucker Fellowship


2017        The August Workshop.  Poppiano, Italy.

Co-taught independent workshop in mixed media with the artists rosenclaire.

2016        The May Workshop.  Poppiano, Italy.

Co-taught independent workshop in mixed media with the artists rosenclaire.

2012        Disegnando Il Giovedi.  Palazzo Strozzi. Firenze, Italia.

Visiting Lecturer.

2009        Visible Memories Conference, Syracuse University, NY Oct 2-4 2008.

               Graduate Workshop Facilitator.  http://publicmemories.syr.edu/

2005        Artist Cultural Exchange, South Africa.

               Attended workshop run by Claire Gavronksy and Rose Shakinovsky with a group

               of international artists to learn and exchange creative information with Master  

               Carvers in the Venda province of South Africa.

1998        The Capetown Workshop, Capetown, South Africa.

               Attended extensive traveling workshop run by Claire Gavronksy and Rose

               Shakinovsky part of which was a residency at the Michaelis Art Institute in

               Capetown, South Africa.