State of The Union

sound piece and installation


Investigating the subtext of President Bush's State of The Union Address in 2004, this sound piece uses silence in various sections of the speech to reveal the frequency of violent and aggressive language as well as highlighting Congress' exuberant and ecstatic response.  The viewer listens to the speech while standing at a podium, being put into the position of both listener and speaker.

You can listen to the sound piece here


State of The Union, Part 2
Mandala made out of bullets embedded in gallery wall painted different shades of rose

14 ft. X 14 ft.

While standing at the podium, the viewer stares at a 14 X 14 ft. mandala made out of bullets.  This is a reference to the buddhist saying "If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him".  There are many interpretations, one of which is: Once the Buddha is separate from you, it is no longer the Buddha. In the installation this also alludes to the question of the annihilation of the self, albeit through tyranny and oppression or through a spiritual or existential search.